Why Use Kitchen Splashbacks?

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For anyone working in a kitchen, whether it is at home or in a place of business, splashbacks are an essential part of life. They are visible everywhere, from the grandest hotel restaurant to the smallest home kitchen, and they are essential tools which not only help to protect the wall behind the work surface, but also decorate the area and make it eye-catching and attractive. There are many different types of kitchen splashbacks, ranging from expensive metal screens to tiles and laminated woods.

The purpose of a kitchen splashback is primarily to protect the walls behind kitchen surfaces, including cooker tops and hobs. They are also useful behind microwaves or worktop ovens, as they prevent steam and heat from damaging the wall behind. Most varieties of kitchen splashback are designed to be wipe-clean and non-stain and can include stainless steel, copper, glass, acrylic types and wood. Some choose to make the splashback from a single piece of material, while others prefer a more mosaic look to the finished wall. Splashbacks can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen, but are usually placed by the hob, above sinks, and in eating areas. They may also be used for worktops if the walls there are likely to be splashed.

The reason why there are so many different types of splashback is that they have an aesthetic appeal as well as a practical use. Glass splashbacks are sometimes preferred, and it is also possible to buy mirrored fabrics and tiles which can then be fitted into place. Professional kitchens often prefer stainless steel as it is easy to clean and has a low risk of bacteria or contamination if it is regularly wiped. Homeowners may also choose stainless steel, but they can also select from a variety of other surfacing materials.


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