Why use acrylic as an alternative to tiles

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Acrylic panels as an alternative to tiles

Imaging designing a unique and modern bathroom for residential and/or commercial environments which will remain clean and fresh for years regardless of its usage. A bathroom which will look new without the need for scrubbing and bleaching.

A clever alternative material is Zenolite®HC, a superior high gloss acrylic material which will offer endless possibilities to your designs. A bathroom designed using alternative materials can lead to new and vibrant inspirations.

Loved by architects, designers and homeowners, acrylic surfaces appeal to everyone wishing to work with a high capacity material as aesthetically pleasing as it is resistant. Acrylic wall panels will not only offer a vibrant contemporary characteristic but will enhance texture and look.

Why chose acrylic over tiles?

Acrylic panels are characterised by their weight, strength, resistance, high durability and pliability.

Acrylic wall panels offer an affordable and durable alternative to wall tiles. Acrylic wall panels are grout-free making them effortless in wet environments. Acrylic has a non-stick surface so will not harbour mould, soap or calcium build ups nor promote bacterial growth or transmission. It is easy to clean and has a non-porous,ultra-hygienic surface. Tiles are a sensible product but will often show smudges and dirt, speak their age and harbour mould and bacteria.

Acrylic is highly durable to impact, abrasion and scratching and is stable to heat, humidity and low temperatures. Zenolite®HC is superior in strength to glass offering 20 times impact durability and the flexibility to bend.


Acrylic wall panels are specifically engineered and designed for wet areas, meaning acrylic panels are completely waterproof. Acrylic panels can be fitted over existing surfaces (including tiles) and will instantly transform a bathroom or shower enclosure.

We recommend installing acrylic panels with double-coated polyethylene foam tape and a synthetic rubber adhesive,finished with a silicone seal to create a completely waterproof environment. Click on the link to see how easy acrylic panels are to install.

Cost effective

Zenolite®HC acrylic panels are the ultimate bathroom wall or shower panel. Designed and developed by world leaders in the alternative surface sector. Acrylic panels are a cost effective alternative to tiles.

Budget home renovators often assume acrylic panels are an expensive alternative, this is not the case.


Durability and hygiene are essential factors when designing bathrooms. High gloss acrylic will not scratch, warp, stain or discolour from normal household or commercial use.

How to clean an acrylic panel

Commence cleaning by gently blowing free any loose dirt or dust from the acrylic panel’s surface. For best results use a soft micro-fibre cloth or chamois with non-abrasive detergent in warm water. Always rinse off any detergent with clean water. Grease or oil can be removed with a paraffin wax/Kerosene and a micro-fibre cloth.

Do not use brushes, scrapers or paper towels, window cleaners, acidic solutions, acetone, thinners or alcohol at any time.


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