What is Zenolite HC and what are its uses?

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Coloured splashback by David Clouting

Zenolite, despite being a relatively new material to use within your home, is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to reinvent a space. It’s a lightweight and durable material coming in both premium and high gloss, but that aside, it’s also stronger than glass making it perfect for those high-traffic areas within residential and commercial properties.

The material itself is actually two layers of acrylic – the bottom layer contains the bold and vibrant colours and the top layer is a transparent one to achieve that super high-gloss finish associated with Zenolite. The bottom layer can be customised to any shade of tone you would like too, giving you more options to play around with than some of the more conventional and traditional wall finishes.

Not just playing around with colours and shades, Zenolite is versatile because it can be adapted to any size or shape. You can heat-form the two layers into beautiful designs and even create a curved finish for a little something different. If you want to create one wall of your room into a feature wall, Zenolite is the way to do it whether you want a contemporary result or a more traditional feel.

The advantages of using Zenolite HC

As well as being able to completely tailor the colour to suit your home, Zenolite HC can be shaped and even fabricated on-site, giving you an easy, cost-effective and modern way to completely redesign your space. The polymer bonding of the two layers is completely recyclable and because of the acrylic base, there are no harmful emissions to worry about. When disposed of in the correct way (incineration), only two compounds are released – carbon dioxide and water. Zenolite can also be ‘ground down’ to be reused too.

Not just cost-effective and completely versatile / tailor-able, it’s also great if you want to be environmentally friendly too. You can’t forget about the obvious design bonus – it’s really easy to clean too.

How to use Zenolite HC

Not just making the perfect wall coverings for areas with high-traffic, Zenolite HC can also be used in plenty of other areas around the home. It provides the perfect backdrop for a bold and vibrant shower and with the high-gloss, durable finish, it’s scratch-proof too.

Although you might not have thought of using plastic around your hob, the heat resistance of Zenolite (up to 220 Celsius) makes it perfect for using as your colourful kitchen back splash as long as it is at least 50mm away from the hob edge.

In fact, there are so many ways you could use this durable, exciting material whether it’s for home or business purposes. You have a great unique finish to any surface as well as durable, traffic and heat-resistant covering for walls. Splash-backs, shower panels, and even fascias for cupboards and drawers, it’s an easy, cost-effective way to completely reinvent your space, and with the durability of the hardened glossy material, you won’t need to replace it until your colour-mood changes.


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