What is Edge Banding and its uses?

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The term edge banding, also known as edgebanding, is a term which describes both an edge of wood used to reinforce the sides of a wooden item, but also the process which allows you to apply that band of wood to a surface. Edge banding is commonly used in carpentry as an end-process, to tidy up rough edges and to ensure that the finished product is durable and constructed to a high standard. In this past, edge banding was solely used for carpentry, but there are now a range of different skills, including metalworking, which make some use of the edge banding process.

Edge banding the material can be made from a number of different materials. In the past, the traditional forms of edge banding were thin woods such as pine or mahogany, but modern techniques mean that carpenters can use plywood’s featuring a range of woods, including birch, red oak, walnut, cherry and mahogany, among others. In addition to plywood, other wood-based products such as MDF and particle board can be used. Metal and other materials may now be turned into edge banding, including PVC, acrylic, metals, wood veneer and melamine. All of these materials can form the basis of an edge banding task.

Edge banding can found in rolls, and the thickness of the band may be variable. The width will also be very different, depending upon the need of the buyer. Once the right size has been found, the user should then roll out the band to the right length, being cut to fit the edge of the project. It is best to cut slightly larger pieces at the beginning, in order to make adjustments. It is also possible to use an edge banding machine – known as an edge bander – that will make the process of banding much easier.


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