The New Generation of Decotile Foil

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Deco foil furniture

A decotile film by LG Hausys’ is being used across the globe for protecting and updated furniture and fittings for those that want something a bit different. Thanks to a variety of colors and styles, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and commercial premises are being designed to look exactly how you want them to not what is available on the shelf!

The reasons for using deco foils vary from customer to customer. Some of the 2 million households which utilize LG Hausys’ foils do so to protect and update their existing furniture or fittings, while others choose to use this product for more stylistic purposes.
So, what exactly are the benefits of using it around your home?


Have you ever looked at your  home and thought, “I love my furniture and doors by I would really like them to be updated without spending a fortune” Maybe your furniture is bumped or marked or it could have gone out of fashion for your tastes. Whatever the reason for wanting to change the appearance of your furniture, fittings and doors in your house or business, deco foil could be the answer. LG Hausys offer a wide range of colors and styles to match any taste, wood effect, abstract, and solid colors all have their part to play in offering a fashionable facade.


While some foil users do so for aesthetic reasons, many understand the need for and desire protection from the elements that could otherwise damage or assist in its degradation. Decotile foils can help to prolong the life of products; the cost of foiling  is a small price to pay for not having to replace your home or business interior so often.

Resistance to Heat

LG Hausys’ foils help are heat resistant so they will not get damaged after years of being exposed to extreme elements.  Meanwhile, in damp environments, foils can be used to prevent lasting issues caused by constant wetness, as well as decreasing the likelihood of mold growth.

Scratch Resistant

It is easy to scratch and mark items.  You may drop something or unintentionally scrape your items and before you know it you have large scratch marks that are repairable.  But with Decotile foil you can protect your doors or products from permanent marking caused by such situations, making them a great option for those in business who may see a lot of traffic through the business and over time it could easy look and feel run down, but not if you use the foil as it is scratch resistant.

Keep Your PVC Safe, Keep Your Peace of Mind

Forget worrying about how the elements affect your surfaces! Exterior foils can help you to keep your home and business looking  good for much longer than you ever anticipated.

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