Stylish trend tips for 2020 if you are considering a make-over!

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Interior trends update every year, and 2020 is no exception. We’ve already seen a whole host of new ideas hit the market, giving us a sense of the materials, features, and designs that will be hot in the year ahead.

Here are our style tips for anyone who wants to be bang on trend in the year ahead.

High-Gloss Finishes

Over recent months, we’ve seen an explosion of interest in high-gloss finishes here at David Clouting, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

High gloss finishes use reflective acrylic to create interior spaces like nothing else. With high-gloss materials, homeowners can create beautiful, bright designs that are sure to make an impact. Expect this style trend to break out in 2020.

Honest Comfort

Homes should be places to live, not just pleasant-looking environments. That’s why in 2020, we’re likely to see the “honest comforts” movement come to fruition.

Honest comforts are all about using the clear and abundant comfort of specific objects in your home as style cues, especially in the living room.

Most people believe that homes should be comfortable, and this is where honest comfort approaches can help. Here you’re deliberately using the perceived comfort of an item, like a cushion, to create a sense of welcoming and belonging.


Technology is a wonderful thing. It gives you the ability to do the seemingly impossible, such as create premium surfaces on a budget.

Leading the charge in 2020 are deco foils. These materials mimic the appearance of premium materials, but without the price tag. Here at David Clouting, we offer a range of foils that recreate matte paint effect, realistic wood, and artistic, high-gloss finishes. It’s a must-try for anyone wanting to upgrade their kitchen surfaces on a budget.


The last few seasons, some of the top interior designers have focused on Japani – or rooms that evoke the essence of Japan. Now with mainstream retailers getting in on the act, it looks like the style is ready for the big time in 2020.

Japani is a mashup of traditional minimalist Japanese style with rustic Scandinavian elements. The colour palette is soft, including cherry blossom reds and pinks, alongside more calming tones, like muted green and blues. Indigo is also a popular choice.

Nordic Retreat

Nordic retreat styling has been a popular choice for the last several years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Many of the biggest brands now focus on the Nordic style, incorporating tactile accessories, simple bowls, and oversized texturing on the upholstery. Expect to see plenty of faux animal skins, thickly weaved cushion covers, and heavy-duty woven rugs in entrances and along corridors.


Our collective love of nostalgia doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear in 2019 – quite the opposite in fact.

Retro styles today are creating mashups of historical styles. For instance, many homeowners are using 1970s colour palettes and combining them with Art Deco signature styling. The result is a retro mashup that looks great in any room, particularly the study.


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