Splashbacks for Every Kitchen

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Colour options for splashbacks

We all know that plastic kitchen splashbacks or acrylic kitchen splashbacks can easily transform your kitchen in no time at all and for minimal cost, but did you know you can do the same to your bathroom and shower room of your home. These splashbacks can easily be installed around shower walls and baths to transform your home making it modern, bright and clean looking.

Kitchens are the hub of all households, it is where all parties end up, and is the room that is probably visited the most in any home. When prospective buyers are looking at buying a home, if the kitchen is well presented and modern you can almost guarantee it will be the prompter that finalizes a deal.

Plastic kitchen splashbacks are a very important part of your home as they will protect your walls from oil splatters, food and water. They come in a vast array of colours from bright to more natural to suit your style and your budget for the look you desire.

Zenolite is one of the most popular plastic kitchen splashback materials to use. This material is long lasting and easily gives surfaces a new modern look that will transform your home. Not only is this product great to use it is also affordable and comes with a ten year indoor UV warranty so you know you will be well covered should you need it.

Glass splashbacks are another material to use but tend to be dearer than the plastic splashbacks but it all comes down to the consumer’s requirements and budget. The great advantage with any splashback is they can be custom designed and fitted to fit any space that is required. Why not find out more about added a splashback to your kitchen area.


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