Space saving ideas for the office

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Wall dividers made from acrylic

The average person spends 7-10 hours a day at their desk. The importance on having a work space which is efficient and effective have never been as essential.

The Health & Safety Executive have advised under Regulation 10 of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 that …..”Every room where persons work shall have sufficient floor area, height and unoccupied space for purposes of health, safety and welfare.”

There are both financial and practical benefits in planning a well designed work place. By creating dynamic environments staff morale is boosted and can have a positive impact on performance. A reception that welcomes clients can give reassurance that your brand and business ethos is deeply rooted.


By using one flooring material wall to wall creates openness. Using an engineered flooring such as Decotile Luxury vinyl tile will be easy to care for. A harder floor can echo noise causing disturbance. Choosing the right coloured flooring can enhance space making smaller areas feel larger.

Multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is one of the easiest and effective ways to maximise office space. Large and bulky desks take vast amounts of square footage. Consider space efficient furniture that has a dual purpose. Desks with built-in drawers and shelves can store stationery, folders, files and reference materials.

Flexible Storage solutions
A reception that welcomes clients

Poor storage of stationery and other essential office equipment can give a feeling of crowdedness, maybe unorganised chaos. Consider what storage solutions are available. Consider making makeshift walls to separate areas, it’s a great way of utilising space. Adding shelves to unused wall space not only keeps office supplies and equipment easily accessible, but it also maximises unused areas into useful ones.


Consider how effective your lighting is. Would a different lighting system give harmony and save energy? Consider LED down lighting as to desk lamps. Desk lamps can give shadows causing office space to appear dull and lifeless.


There is always a storage cupboard full of clutter somewhere. Usually packed full of items which are no longer needed but too good to throw away. Consider recycling old IT equipment and only keeping items which will be of use or benefit to your business. Encourage staff to keep their desks tidy and organised. Great desk tidy designs are easily available to suit all environments.

Go Paperless

A smaller office will benefit from going paperless, decreasing the need for filing cabinets.

Consider alternative innovative materials for walls

Developers are developing innovative solutions in helping to create space efficient environments. From Acrylic panels to wall covering, achieving visual harmony can easily be achieved.

Acrylic wall dividers

Screens/wall dividers made from acrylic are a great way to partition and divide your office space. Screens made from acrylic have a considerable higher resistant to impacts than alternatives such as glass and are lighter in weight and easier to clean/maintain.

Creating more space by using clever colours

Create the illusion that you have more space. Choosing neutral and light colours from floors to ceiling can make even the smallest of offices feel large and open with plentiful light. Avoid dark furnishings and decor as this can make an office feel smaller. If possible leave small gaps between furnishings, as this gives a sense of depth and space. Limit furniture!!

Open Plan can have a positive impact

Open plan offices can create a fluid information sharing system. Allocating space by need as to pay level ensures your office has a positive influence in creating a harmonious balance over all levels including management.


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