A shower wall with a difference using Zenolite HC

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Whether you’re planning a full-scale bathroom renovation or want to upgrade certain elements, it’s important to consider what qualities you value the most. Are you looking for vibrant colours, flexibility, durability or stain resistance? Do you prefer something that is easy to install and replace, or would you prefer it to be almost permanent? There are lots of different qualities to think about, but the main issue comes when you need to compromise.

Most people would assume that the perfect material doesn’t exist. They think they need to choose between durability and colour choices, or they need to pick something that is difficult to install if they want it to be stain and mould resistant. This is fairly natural as it’s almost never possible to get the best of all worlds.

But with Zenolite HC, you can create a shower wall with a difference without compromising on any qualities.

Quality acrylic Zenolite HC panels

Zenolite HC is the no-compromise acrylic panelling option that can bring your bathroom to life. With its flexibility, durability and ease of installation, it’s an option that provides all of the best benefits you can expect from other bathroom wall options while still being priced competitively.

  • Coated in a tough shell, making it durable and resistant to scratches
  • High chemical and stain resistance, including 10-year indoor UV warranty
  • Integrated colour layer means that the material stays vibrant and doesn’t wear over time like other wall solutions
  • Heat and thermal shock resistance make it the perfect candidate to use in bathrooms where temperatures can change rapidly
  • Non-stick surface means that it deters mould, soap and calcium build-up
  • Extremely easy to clean thanks to its impervious ultra-hygienic surface
  • Highly resistant to most common bathroom and glass cleaners
  • Easy to install, making it great for DIY installations or speedy contractor renovations

Zenolite HC is revolutionising the way bathroom renovations are carried out. With its superior qualities, it’s the perfect way to create a statement wall or add a splash of colour to your bathroom and shower. It can be used all around the home thanks to its qualities and its affordable price means that you don’t need to shell out lots of money for a renovation.

By delivering high-quality performance in a flexible and affordable package, Zenolite HC is quickly becoming the preferred option among both professional contractors and at-home DIY enthusiasts. Its ease of installation makes it a no-fuss alternative to other time-consuming options and its durability means you don’t need to replace it unless you want to change the colours for aesthetic purposes. This makes it a great long-term solution for your shower wall or bathroom and enables you to add a touch of colour anywhere in your home.

So why wait? Plan your colourful shower room or bathroom renovation today and add Zenolite HC panels to your materials of choice. With its colour options and affordability, you’ll find there’s plenty to like about working with acrylic panels as opposed to traditional tiled options for your bathroom.


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