Seven Hints for Creating an Amazing Reception Area for Your Business

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reception with acrylic panels

It’s a well-worn adage but in business as in life, first impressions really do count. It is that simple fact which makes your business’s reception area so important and means that you should take some time to consider what you want that area to say about your organisation. The following seven simple hints, therefore, can help you to create an amazing reception area that will convince any visitors that yours is a company that they want to do business with.

Choose the Right Reception Desk

If you think that a desk is just a desk, you’re sorely mistaken. It is crucial that your reception area is professional and yet welcoming, and as such having the right kind of reception desk for the space is vital. An elegant and impressive desk that best fits the space you have available is a must. So too, is choosing a desk with hidden storage, so that its top can be left clean and tidy.

Invest in Comfortable but Hard Wearing Seating

When guests and visitors have to wait for meetings you want them to be able to do so in comfort, so seating which aids in this is important. What you also need to consider, however, is that worn or tatty furniture will not convey the feelings of professionalism that you desire. Durability, therefore, is something else to consider when it comes to reception furniture.

Consider Layout Carefully

Where you place any seating is important too. Furniture close to doors or windows, for instance, might leave important visitors sitting in a draught or in an otherwise uncomfortable circumstance, and that is unlikely to put them in the mood to do business. Seating that is well placed for conversation or for hosting impromptu meetings is often the best choice when it comes to layout.

Introduce Branded Items

Another way in which you can convey a feeling of professionalism and the impression that your business is right at the top of your industry, is to introduce branding to your reception area. Whether that means placing your logo on doors or furniture items or simply placing branded pens on the coffee table, it is something which will stick in a visitor’s mind.

Soften the Environment

As much as you do want to come across as professional and efficient, you don’t want your reception area to be too imposing. Making the most of natural lighting, therefore, and introducing real and healthy plants can help to hit the correct balance between a professional and a pleasant environment.

Think Carefully About Walls too

Having walls that are a little more interesting than bare paint can help emphasis the branding of a business. Acrylic panels are a great way to inject colour and vibrancy into any reception area, whether for the entire space or a feature wall.

Offer Extras to Keep Visitors Happy

As much as you want your reception area to convey a positive impression of your business, you also need any visitors waiting there to be kept in good spirits. Introducing tea or coffee making facilities can help to aid in this, as can having Wi Fi details clearly displayed to allow anyone waiting for an appointment to be productive while they do so.


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