Reviving Interiors with Interior Film

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Businesses all need their interiors freshening up from time to time, whether it’s a complete premises refurbishment or replacing older surfaces that may be marked or are starting to look a little out of date. Interior film allows you to create a whole new look in a cost-effective way.

Interior film is manufactured by LG Hausys who had architects, interior designers and shop fitting company’s in mind when they designed it. The products look great, are affordable, easy to install and even better from the clients’ point of view, easy to maintain. Because interior film is so easy to install, it can cut down refurb times quite considerably. Reducing the need to cause weeks and weeks of disruption.

The Benefits of Interior Film for Refurbs

One of many advantages is that it can be applied to almost any surface, everything from plaster boards, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and melamine. So you can design a whole look and know you can achieve consistency across different surfaces. But just because it’s quick and easy to install, it doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. Interior film is a high quality alternative to more traditional coverings and is hard wearing too.

Its flexibility means that you can add to tricky areas such as skirting, doors or furniture, in fact there aren’t many circumstances where it cannot be used. It’s bubble free for ease of installation and fire rated to ensure fire officers are happy about the film being used.

Clients love it, not only because it looks so good, but in a climate where hygiene is paramount, having walls, furniture and doors that can be cleaned without degradation is an added benefit.

Wide Range of Colours and Styles

If you decide to use interior film for your refurbishment, then don’t worry about lack of choice or range. The films come in a wide range of options, differing finishes such as wood, stone and leather give an earthy feel. Or more dramatic coloured film, textured coverings or plain, sleek and simple.

Our films have been seen in restaurant chains, prestigious head office spaces, exhibition centres, super yachts and much, much more.

There truly is something to suit every project. So if you are embarking on a commercial design project or refurbishment, then take a look at the mass of options available for interior film.


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