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“Versatile Fashionable Vinyls with PVC Foil”

PVC Foil 3D forming PVC veneers are available in a range of finishes to ensure that kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and commercial areas can be designed where the product complements and adds to the visual experience.

2D versions of the vinyls are available for profile wrapping. Applied to MDF, PVC Foil expands the possibilities of furniture design.

PVC Foil New Generation PVC Films

Looking to add a touch of creativity to a run of the mill home or office? You have a whole lot of innovative PVC decorative films on the market that can help you transform any ordinary surface into something spectacular in a few hours.

PVC Foil, a new generation PVC decorative film comes with handy features like stain resistance, UV resistance and scratch resistance.

PVC Foil is available in a choice of colours, patterns and finishes allowing you to design your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and commercial areas in a splendid way. PVC Foils are also available in 3D and 2D versions.

3D PVC Foil

If you are looking for an easy to use PVC application for three dimensional surfaces, 3D PVC Foil is an ideal option. 3D PVC Foil is used for membrane pressing or vacuum forming to laminate fiber boards.

3D PVC Foil, a PVC film, allows you to coat the surfaces of any furniture with finishes such as anti scratch or semi gloss while the reverse can be coated with primer to ensure durability. The high performing coating layers of 3D PVC Foil makes the surface of any furniture scratch resistant, moisture resistant and durable.


  • Designed for 3D lamination on routed medium density fiber boards (MDF)
  • Highly contoured furniture component, Cabinet Doors,Store fixtures, Counters


  • Scratch resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Easy application

2D PVC Foil

2D versions of PVC Decorative Foils are ideal for profile wrapping and flat wrapping. The high performing layers of 2D PVC Foil guard the furniture surfaces against scratch, stain and moisture ensuring durability of your kitchen and bath furniture.


  • Flat lamination
  • Profile Wrapping
  • Lamination of cabinet surface
  • Molding and Frames
  • Ceiling and wall panels


  • High level surface protection
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean up

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