Paper Foil

Paper foil is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Working with Bausch Linnemann, we can offer a range of paper foils for flat lamination or for profile wrapping. We have been widely successful with the decor Stilo Walnut to run along side the membrane pressing vinyl we also stock. Some stock is available but normally with paper foils these materials are made to order.

Types of Paper Foil

Wrapping Grade U8 (Type S40) – suitable for use with a profile laminating machine.

Woodgrains For colour matching & new designs:

  • Roll width 635 mm MOQ 1000 m2 – 2000 m2 per woodgrain
  • Roll length can be 800 lm to 1000 lm

For certain existing designs we can get wider width prints – 1270/2120 mm roll widths with 1000 lm per roll, MOQ 3000 m2-12000 m2 depending on design availability*.

Plain Colours MOQ is 1500 m2 -3000 m2 per shade for colour match or existing shade, depending on paper availability at the time*. Roll lengths are normally 1000 lm.

*Please enquire for further information.

Lamination Grade Igraplan 8 (P40) – for flat lamination use, and some profile wrapping.
Available in 1050 mm for plain colours and 1270/2120 mm for Woodgrain as well as the 635 mm width.

  • MOQ for Colours: 1500 m2 – 3000 m2 depending on colour required
  • MOQ for Woodgrain: 12,000 m2
  • Roll lengths generally 1000 lm
  • NB Wide width rolls 1050 mm and 2120 mm can be slit in half if required

Leadtime: 4-6 weeks depending on requirements

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