Office and Commercial Wall Panels

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Glass wall panels

Glass wall panels come in a variety of shades and designs and can be a cost effective way to bring a completely new look to your office or commercial space. They provide stunning results every time and will modernize any building or space in no time.

Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning creates a clear, modern but contemporary look and feel to any working environment. They tend to lighten rooms due to their clearness making any space seem brighter and more open,with this creating a happier environment to work in. You can easily promote your business or wording on glass wall panels with corporate colours and logos adding that extra bit of style to your room. They offer an almost seamless finish and are perfect for office dividers and walls.

If you don’t want plain glass you can add a tint of colour to the glass, this will create a more private space, or by adding a part colour to the glass will create a partial private space. Anything can be created to suit your desired style. For the door you can have a standard opening door of choose from a sliding or pivoting door system.

Restaurant, Pubs, Nightclubs – Glass Splashbacks

You will find many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs using glass wall splashback and wall panels to create a modern and bright premise. Using these glass splashbacks instantly created a modern, bright look especially when using coloured glass and lightening together. They are also starting to be used on the outside of buildings to bring colour and differentiation to a building making it stand out from the rest and making it more easily distinguishable especially if it is a franchise business.

Using glass panels and splashbacks on entire walls and surface coverings offers an effective look and is a change to using paint or tiles that have commonly been used up until now. With a wide choice of vibrant colours, along with more subtle shades and even special effects glass you will be spoilt for choice on what options to use and where to use it.

For restaurants, bars and nightclubs the major benefit of using the glass panels is the hygienic factor as the surface is flat and easy to clean with minimal joints. All they require is a wipe over with soap and water or special cleaners that are non-abrasive and they are clean and shining like new.

People are getting more creative with what they want from glass panels, with some wanting features made out of these panels and can be used to surround water displays, added to walls for creative art, even adding to the roof space to change the look of a building. Once you start looking at all the options for glass wall panels you will be surprised at what can be done.

Glass wall panels will create stunning results every time, so why not find out what you can do with your office, work and business space!

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