NEC exhibition Centre

They don’t get much bigger than the NEC for facilities, functions, exhibition halls, corridors and Names like the “NEC” in the events industry! All these standards of quality, presentation are subject to disciplined Maintenance and detail. When you have 150 washrooms that will need refurbishing, it is a heafty Refurbishment cost, downtime and lost revenue.

LG Hausys’s with David Clouting Ltd and T6 International provided a solution of Interior Fim that would save nearly 75% in costs and nearly 90% in time to refurb from old tired mosaic tiles to new luxury Marble walls and cubicles. The added advantage and hidden benefits were that there was not one item that was not resurfaced to look new, apart from some new IR taps for customer convenience.

Remembering the lifecycle costings, the doors and cubicles may look like the real thing, but will behave like vinyl for hygenic cleanabilty and wear and tear, reducing the need for painting costs and disruption.