Modern Kitchens for 2019

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modern kitchen

Kitchens have evolved so much in the past thirty years that you’d be forgiven for wanting to rip out yours over and over again. Renovation is how we progress in our homes, but keeping up to date with all the latest kitchen trends is how you can keep that progression moving forward. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular current kitchen trends 2019.

Smart Space

Technology has infiltrated every area of our lives – what’s one more? It’s not just the fancy gadgets that listen to your voice or even the appliances that can hear you when you update your shopping list. We are in an era where technology is integrated into everything that exists in a kitchen. This includes the lighting tailored to your cooking times and the motion-sensor taps. Automatic features are now magic in our kitchens, and most of these can be controlled with a smartphone. Stepping into 2019 has never been more exciting.


For years, we’ve embraced white kitchen cabinets, and we’ve enjoyed how light and bright they make our kitchens look. Here’s the thing; white? It’s a dull colour. It’s boring and clinical and boring some more. Through 2019, we’re going to see an emergence of vibrant, full dark colours in both paint and wood stains for your cabinetry. Breaking up the constant all-white colour palette won’t be easy, but imagine the look of black, emerald green, deep plum, and even navy? These are going to really enhance the lighter appliance and flooring colours that you have!

High-End Quartz

Quartz has never really lost its popularity, but it’s definitely been the material that people choose that will last forever. Granite is another high-end option that people invest in, but it’s a little more dramatic than quartz and requires more maintenance to be worth it. Quartz is the material of choice for the kitchen this year, with realistic stone patterning on the counters and swirls that differ from uniformity.

Chic Appliances

If you consider the obsession with matching all appliances in silver, white or black, you’ll love the changes with appliances in 2019. You can upgrade your appliances and counter gadgets to be in a variety of colours. Your contemporary stainless steel finish in your kitchen probably looks rather dull to you right now, and it should. It’s on the way out in favour of brighter colours, cobalt blue, and hot pink, ruby reds and shining yellows. These colours are bringing life to a room that was previously all about uniformity and clean lines. Pops of colour are changing our tastes in the kitchen, embracing something a little different for a change.

These trends are not the only ones out there, but they are indeed the ones that stand out the most. Kitchens need to be updated to stay beautiful and on point, but these kitchen trends will make you see your kitchen in a completely different light.


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