Modern Flooring Solutions – The Best of Both Worlds

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decotile flooringTraditional flooring surfaces such as wood and stone will always be in style and look great in any setting but each comes with its own downsides, for instance in terms of maintenance and durability, which can make them impractical for certain applications. These days however you really can have the best of both worlds – modern flooring solutions that are suitable for heavy use and easy to maintain while still having the appearance and charm of traditional materials.

Wood flooring

Who doesn’t love the warmth of wood flooring? Particularly with the Hygge trend becoming ever more popular, wood is hard to beat for that feeling of comfort and cosiness. It does however have several disadvantages. Wood flooring really does need regular maintenance to keep it looking good. It needs to be kept watertight or it can warp and stain or discolour or even get mouldy. If you are moving heavy furniture or racking around you will also need to be careful not to scratch it.

Decotile Deco Wood on the other hand looks just like traditional hardwood flooring but without the propensity to scratch or warm. It has an ingeniously realistic likeness to domestic and exotic wood, yet as well as being easy to install it is also incredibly durable and simple to maintain. It’s the perfect alternative to hardwood flooring for those who want the appearance of wood together with the peace of mind that it will be long lasting and easy to take care of.

Stone flooring

Natural stone flooring with its unique textures has its own timeless appeal and unlike wood is very well suited to high traffic areas. While maintenance and durability are less of an issue, the problem with stone flooring is that it can feel very cold underfoot – which is fine if you live in a hot country but less attractive here in the UK!

Decotile Deco Stone however looks just like natural stone but without the cold finish. It is a vinyl tile but the cutting edge technology used to produce it ensures that it has all the character and natural texture of traditional stone flooring. Finishes include realistic granite, sandstone and limestone amongst others so you really can get exactly the look you’re after. It is also very simple to install and maintain and ideal for high traffic areas, even able to stand up to heavy commercial foot traffic.

Affordable luxury and durability

Another advantage that these modern flooring solutions have over traditional materials is that they are very cost effective. They are ideal for retail settings as in addition to their durability and luxury appearance they are also extremely economical and simple to install.

Decotile wood and stone has a wear layer of 0.7mm which makes it ideal for retail areas, department stores, hotels, restaurants and hospitals or care homes, as well as offices. You are truly getting the best of both worlds – the timeless beauty of traditional flooring combined with the modern advantages of durability, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance – what more could you ask for?