Making the Most of Your Reception Area

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First impressions count, even when it comes down to designing your business’s reception area. The front desk can become an insightful introduction to your company, especially if modern, well-crafted, and in line with your business values. Here are some easy-to-implement tips to make the most out of your reception – by industry!

A Sparkling Clean, Minimalist Reception for the Beauty Industry

Beauty and personal care industries are always in development, following modern trends and customer needs. Whether you are offering a more traditional service to your usual customers or you aim at basing your company on natural treatments, premises’ cleanliness is paramount.

You can communicate your brand values and the high standards of your company by creating a sparkling clean, minimalist reception area that recalls your brand’s theme. Don’t forget to display your certifications and include comfortable furniture. The relaxing experience of your clients should start at the moment they walk through the door!

A Secure and Private Front Area for a Law Firm

Law firms and solicitors need to inspire trust in their clients and make them feel at ease when sharing the situation they are in. Naturally, displaying your achievements is necessary to create a professional outlook, but privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Create visible but soundproof rooms that can help them feel more comfortable when following you to a consultation room. Adding artworks and books can show your clients that you have an eye for details – something essential to winning a case!

A Streamlined, Modern Reception for a High-Flying Corporation

If you have big projects for your corporation, your head office’s reception should communicate well. You should create an elegant, spacious, modern area that has a few entertainments (books, TV, etc.), but don’t stuff it with items and unuseful details. This might give your front desk a scruffy look that does not align with your brand values.

To communicate the fact that your company is modern, use technology to streamline the visitor check-in process. The Wi-Fi password should also be displayed and visible at all times.

And, if you are dedicated to improving the community, show your charitable efforts and donations through pamphlets and videos – it will help you improve your brand image!

Boost Privacy and Guest Care With a Sophisticated Hotel Reception

Guests book themselves in a hotel to relax, wind-down, and enjoy the comforts that might not always be available at home. However, privacy is also essential, and nobody wants to feel judged when indulging in a midnight snack while on holiday! So, your hotel’s reception should be so professional to guarantee your clients the ability to come in and out without feeling checked upon.

At the same time, your staff should be at your guests’ disposal at all times. Adding iPads and virtual visitor management systems can help you be available to your clients without feeling invasive.

An Inspiring Reception for Education

A school or higher education’s reception area should be inspiring and filled with relevant books and awards. In a university, on-campus security features and a 24/7 helpdesk are also paramount – don’t forget that the majority of students will end up revising overnight for their exams!

A Safe Reception For the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, the front desk takes on a whole different meaning. Indeed, when patients come in to look for help, they might feel in pain, anxious, or intimidated. Making sure they feel at ease while waiting for their consultation is essential. You can help them take their minds off things by providing a Wi-Fi password and entertainment facilities. Don’t forget to make your private clinic’s reception area safe, clean, and modern with the right tech!

An Alternative, Technological Reception for the Engineering & Design Industry

The engineering and design industries are today leading the development and change of many other sectors. When creating the perfect reception for a business in this industry, make sure it communicates your attention for researching the latest technologies – add a virtual visitor check-in service, Wi-Fi passwords, and paperless entertainment. This makes it easier to reduce personnel costs and provide your clients with an inspiring experience!


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