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LG Chem was created in 1947 in Korea and started out manufacturing and designing synthetic resin formed products and vinyl flooring. As the company progressed and expanded, new products were developed and new areas of business were brought into with the addition of PVC Windows in 1976, Plastic Automotive Parts in 1984 and Acrylic solid surfaces in 1995. In 2009 LG Hausys was founded and stands today as one of the largest construction and decoration materials firms and continually leads the industry in innovation, quality and design. With 7 overseas subsidiaries, and 3 overseas manufacturing operations, LG Hausys has a wide reach and global exposure. Furthermore, their stance on sustainability and responsibility mean that the LG Hausys Company proactively supports its suppliers in health and safety, and creating a clean working environment.

Product Evolution

LG Hausys has always strived to create innovative, modern, yet sustainable products that were created using our extensive customer research and development programme. This has allowed them to keep up with market trends, current consumer tastes and also keep ahead of competitors. Their development process is stringent and each idea passes through several stages or Gates before finalization and production, this includes plenty of research and reviewing to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Changing the Flooring industry

One particular area of product and industry that LG Hausys excels in is the flooring industry. This industry is developing fast with new technologies and processes emerging continually. LG have created a diverse range of flooring products to suit a wide variety of industries, some of which are listed below;

– Hospital flooring for such uses as offices, wards and treatment rooms.
– Sports Hall flooring for such uses as Basketball courts and Gyms.
– Vinyl tiles for home interiors.
– Flooring for public transport like buses.

With over 50 years of experience, LG’s Hausys flooring range is designed to meet virtually any project requirement, while the companies heavy investment in new technologies means it can create products that work in demanding environments but are still cost effective. Traditionally, flooring could be expensive to install, or come in a limited range of colours and designs; LG’s vast product range and easy to use roll system has changed that. The following list shows some of the ways that LG Hausys flooring sector thrives in a demanding market:

1. Multi-sector product lines: Sport, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Residence.
2. Over 130 different flooring designs.
3. A wide variety of colours and textures.
4. Supplied in roll format for ease of use/installation.
5. Easy Clean surface technology.

As you can see, using a combination of new technologies, exhaustive research and development, and pulling from their 50+ years of knowledge; LG Hausys have changed the flooring industry by creating an appealing and multi-use product range that can suit many different sectors, while giving their customers a huge array of choice, not at the expense of quality.


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