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Decorative Kitchen Foils

Are you looking for ways to decorate kitchen units, or improve the look of a rather ordinary office setting? One quick and affordable way to change the look of units, tables or other surfaces is to do it with the simple addition of a film installation. Sometimes known simply as Decorative foil, this product can completely change the appearance of standard furnishings in both the home and the office, and is easy to apply or have fitted to a range of items. Rather than choose paint or polish, choosing a decorative foil allows you to create a completely new look for any room.

What is PVC deco foil?

Used primarily as a decorative material, PVC films are a material made from plastic known as PVC. This makes the foil tough and durable, but still flexible enough to allow it to be fitted to surfaces such as kitchen units. The foil is used in a number of commercial products, including laminated wood boards and is frequently used by designers in kitchen and bathroom products. There are several different types of plastic used in deco foil, including straightforward PVC, PET and other polycarbonate plastics. The most common domestic and office application is the PVC decorative foil.

What makes it decorative?

Unlike standard forms of plastic, which have a uniform colour, decorative foils are coloured to give a specific design feature to the film. In most cases, the colours are applied so that the foil appears as a natural wood, but there are also metal and stone designs that can be used to decorate surfaces. The film is also high-gloss, so there is an attractive and smooth sheen to the film, which makes it look clean and bright, and reflects a lot of natural light so that the design shows up clearly on any surface.


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