How Kitchen Splashbacks can transform your home

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For many people the kitchen is the central point of their home.  It is the room where everything happens and where things get done. Meals are fastidiously prepared here and then devoured at breakfast, lunch and in the evening on a daily basis. Furthermore the kitchen can often serve as a focal point for chatting with friends while enjoying a nice coffee, or even a place to do the washing and ironing in. Whatever the situation, the kitchen is an important part of the household and owners want to have a kitchen that is both practical but pleasing on the eye.

There are many ways in which you can improve the aesthetics of your kitchen such as changing the worktops, having a different flooring surface like tiles or laminate, or even something simple like having a different colour scheme with blinds and utensils. One prominent way to transform your kitchen that may not seem important is to install a Kitchen Splashback panel.  This fairly straightforward process can inject new life into your kitchen and give it a new burst of life.

What is a Kitchen Splash Back?

You may not have heard of a Kitchen Splashback before and might be thinking it’s some kind of water system that splashes you as you prepare food.  Sadly not, although that might be fun! A Splashback is basically what it says, a panel fixed above your oven hobs or sink that prevents splashes from staining your kitchen walls. The exterior surface of the Splashback panel should be a material that can easily be wiped.

Splashback panels come in a never-ending range of sizes, styles and designs and the choices you can have are staggering.  Most modern kitchens will include a splashback panel and you may even be able to pick the style if you are having the home built from scratch. Older homes may not have one and still have tiles or a painted surface, but this can easily be rectified by having one installed.

How can it transform your kitchen?

So what actual difference can a splashback make to your kitchen?  Surprisingly quite a large one! As it is a vertical panel, this carries more weight in the aesthetics of your kitchen and will make a noticeable difference, generally it is one of the first things you will see when walking into a kitchen.  They will complement your kitchens colour scheme, or make a bold statement piece that stands out against more reserved shades of colour like white, cream and grey.

There are many different surfaces, patterns and designs you can choose from so if you want you can really go to town and make the area surrounding your over or sink the centrepiece of your kitchen. Something that friends and guests will comment on and be wowed by every time they visit your home. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that you will never go back to those boring tiles or painted surfaces again.


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