Kitchen Splashbacks: Different Types of Materials

Are you looking for a way to enhance the look of your kitchen? Adding a new kitchen splash back would be a great idea, as they can add a unique feature to the area. If you are planning to buy a kitchen splash back, here are a few popular materials to consider:

  • Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Glass
  • LED
  • Stainless steel
  • Paint
  • Timber
  • Zenolite kitchen splash back

Types of splash backTiled kitchen splash backs are common and tiles come in various shapes, colours and patterns. However tiles are not always easy to clean and maintain and the grout may need renewing. Mosaic tiles can be used as kitchen splash back that can add a brilliant feature to the area.

Glass is another popular material used for making back splashes and is easy to clean and maintain. LED kitchen splash backs make use of LED light behind a sheet of glass for dramatic effect.

Stainless steel kitchen splash backs are also easy to clean and maintain, however they will easily show smudges, fingerprints and water marks if you are not careful.

Though paint could be a cost effective option, it is not as easy to clean and you are limited in your design choices.

Timber can also be used to add beautiful effects to the focal point of your home, but needs to be well sealed and maintained to avoid water damage.

Zenolite Kitchen splash back

Kitchen splash backs made of Zenolite are durable, light and easy to install and clean. This is a cost effective alternative to back-painted glass back splashes. The material is 25 times tougher and half the weight of glass.

Zenolite kitchen splash backs can be professionally cut into any dimension. This means you can reduce any errors in measurement, the waste, breakages and long lead-times associated with using glass based kitchen back splashes.  The product can be installed over many existing wall finishes and it comes with a ten year indoor UV warranty. Zenolite kitchen splash backs are not ideal for use behind a hob, but it complements other surface materials easily.

To find out more about getting Zenolite kitchen splash backs for the focal point of your house, contact us today.

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