Product FAQS

Is LG Interior Film fire rated?
The film is fully fire rated to UK and Global standards. Here in the UK it carries an EN number and is B1 for Combustion, S0 for smoke and D0 for zero spread of flame via droplets. As a result, Interior Film is allowed to applied to fire doors and all other substrates. It even carries a UK Rail certification to be present on board a train and within rail buildings.
How durable is Interior Film?
Interior Film is very durable. LG Interior film has undergone a Taber test which shows its scratch resistant to wear and tear to the same level that floor paint is.
What is the life span of LG Interior Film?
Installed correctly 7- 10 years.
Is there a Warranty?
Yes, 3 years from the manufacturer.
Does LG Interior Film provide any Antimicrobial properties?
As well as being impervious as a product, Interior film also provides a 95% Sterilising effect. This coupled with a good cleaning regime means Interior Film is great from an Infection Control perspective. In fact, LG Interior Film has been specified by the NHS.
Is LG Interior Film chemically safe?
LG Interior Film is free of Plasticisers and Phthalate, as well as being heavy metal free.

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