Interior Film for Hotels

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Interior Film in a hotel

Interior film is an ideal product for use in large scale projects such as in a hotel. It is an innovative self-adhesive decorative material that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and has several advantages that make it perfect for use in big commercial projects.

Interior film looks great

When designing and decorating a hotel, aesthetics are as important as functionality. This is where interior film really comes into its own. It can be used to cover walls, furniture and most other surfaces and comes in an incredibly wide range of decorative styles to suit all manner of interior design schemes.

Whether surfaces are flat or curved, they can be covered in interior film to give the realistic appearance of wood grains, stone textures, fabrics, metallics and leather as well as being available in a variety of both plain colours and patterns. This makes it equally attractive for both traditional and ultra-modern decor and gives architects and designers a lot of freedom in creating the luxurious or clean lined look they are after. They can also do this without worrying about the practicalities of using heavy stone on ceilings or easily damaged leather on frequently used surfaces for instance.

To get an idea of the enormous variety of surface effects you can get with interior film, take a look at the Interior Film Sample Book.

Interior film is budget friendly

While interior film offers a variety of luxurious looking surfaces, it is surprisingly budget friendly, which makes it ideal for hotels and other large commercial projects that rely on keeping costs as low as possible without in any way compromising on appearance.

As well providing the appearance of expensive materials at a fraction of the material cost, interior film is very easy to apply to both flat and irregular surfaces, keeping labour costs low as well as material costs.

Maintenance is easy

No hotel management wants to spend a lot of time and money trying to keep the appearance of their establishment up to standard as time passes. Materials such as wood that require a lot of maintenance and upkeep are easily replaced with surfaces covered in interior film giving easy of upkeep without sacrificing appearance.

Interior film is easy to maintain and easy to repair. This ensures that ongoing maintenance expenses are kept to a minimum. It is a durable material with high resistance to impact, abrasion and scratching, so can be used on almost any surface in a hotel, both in common parts and in individual rooms. It is also very stable when exposed to heat, humidity and low temperatures.

Interior film for hotels

Adhering to statutory requirements and conforming to best practices in terms of safety and eco friendliness is obviously also a priority in large commercial projects such as hotels.
As well as the significant advantages already discussed, interior film is also self-extinguishing when tested for flammability, eco friendly being heavy metal free and using completely phthalate free plasticizers, and is IMO certified with CE marking.

If you’d like to find out more about why architects and designers love interior film for large scale projects, take a look at the Interior Film page on our website.


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