Interior Film and Acrylic Panels in Healthcare

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We don’t often associate the healthcare industry with the use of modern and visually appealing materials. Our general impression of hospital, doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms is one of outdated and tired decor. The areas where we are treated by healthcare professionals aren’t much better. With the emphasis being on a sterile and efficient environment, the surroundings tend to be less than inviting and sometimes downright scary.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Some doctors, dentists and other healthcare and treatment units are beginning to see the value in creating a more relaxing environment for their patients. Helping patients feel welcome and at ease can go a long way towards making their treatment less stressful and, in the case of non-urgent services, can also make it more likely that they’ll want to return.

The challenge is in balancing the requirements of a healthcare environment with the availability of suitable materials with the right aesthetic. However modern materials such as acrylic panels and interior film make it not only possible but also easy and affordable to create an attractive and welcoming space that is still functional and efficient.

Acrylic panels

Zenolite high gloss acrylic panels can provide an appealing way to section off different areas in a healthcare environment as well as being used as an attractive splashback. These decorative panels come in a wide variety of colours, making them ideal to brighten up wall finishes.

The real benefit though is that they are also ideally suited to a healthcare environment. The surface is easy to clean and ultra hygienic, making it perfect for areas that require sterility. These acrylic panels have a high chemical and stain resistance as well as being scratch and wear resistant, so can be cleaned to very high standards without affecting the finish and the non-stick and non-porous smooth finish won’t harbour germs, mould or soap.

Interior film

LG Hausys interior film is a flexible finish that can be applied to walls and furniture and on almost any type of surface, including wood, stainless as well as untreated steel, melamine and laminate surfaces, plastic, mortar and gypsum board amongst others. It creates attractive decorative finishes that range from wood, stone and leather looks to gloss and patterned designs.

However, while giving the impression of high end interior finishes, interior film is economical, easy to install and very resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching. It is also durable enough to handle being cleaned with hospital bleach, making it an excellent finish to be used in the healthcare industry.

Combining good looking design with functionality

Moderns materials such as interior film and acrylic panels are not only making good looking design possible even in demanding environments such as those in the healthcare industry, they are also making it affordable enough to be implemented where budgets are tight. You can find out more about how and why interior film was chosen to be used in a demanding NHS environment in our Weybourne Day Unit case study. Contact us today to find out how our products can do the same for you.


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