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Decotile stone flooring

The interior of both your home and office says a lot about your personality. It creates first impressions in visitor’s mind and also impacts psychology of those who spend time there. One of the most important aspect of interior designing is the flooring. While the market presents diverse options for you to select from, there is no competition for Deco Tiles.

Decofoil Tiles is the leading luxury vinyl tile in Europe and also the rest of the globe. The product category caters customers with a beautiful range of options. The tiles have 0.7mm, 0.50mm and 0.3 mm wear layers.

Special emphasis is given on the making of these PVCfoil tiles with superior quality materials being used, so the end result is remarkable. The product’s performance is impressive. It features an integral Polyurethane surface treatment.

You might assume that it doesn’t really matter what tiles you install. However, this decision directly impacts the value of your home or office. If you choose the right flooring for the premise, you can enjoy a higher selling price for the property as the quality will be better and it will look good no matter how long it has been down.

You can choose from an array of distinctive designs and textures. There are nice options for home and office. The options include several designs that would be ideal for use in commercial sectors.

Why Choose PVC Tiles?

Highly Durable and Chemical-resistant Surface

The tiles have 5 different layers: the special curing surface, the wear layer, the printing layer, PVC base layer and the PVC backing layer. This PUR Polyurethane surface treatment is what makes the flooring so durable. It is suitable for under floor heating. It is also resistant to commonly used acids, alkalis, oils and grease. If you plan on using castor office chairs, it is recommended to install deco tile flooring as the floors are also resistant to this type of wear.

Eco-friendly Product

The company vouches that the product is eco-friendly. In fact, it has received certification of the Eco-Label and FLOOR SCORE.

Variety of Options

There are many different designs for you to choose from. They come in wood and stone patterns, in a variety of colors and textures.  There are abstract, carpet and ceramic patterns. You can also choose from marble, granite, metal and slate floor designs. Many people prefer designs like pattern solid, square wood and natural wood. The rustic wood collection has a large number of variants too and is the most popular one.


As already mentioned, PVCfoil Tiles flaunt beautiful wood plank and stone designs. These designs look so realistic, yet cost only a fraction of what the natural materials would cost. This is how you give your interior a regal look without putting major stress on your wallet.

While the availability of options and reasonable pricing are impressive factors, the durability of the product is what will benefit you in the long run. Even after many years of use, the floor will look new and shiny. This will in turn earn you a nice selling price for the home or office.


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