How to Revitalize Furniture, Walls and Doors

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Wooden Cladding

Wooden CladdingThere is nothing worse than seeing perfectly good, but perhaps tired furniture or doors thrown out due to them being a bit worn out and no one seeing the potential of what they could be again.

Some interior designers can see the potential for this old furniture and furnishings, and look at ways they can revitalize it so it doesn’t get thrown out. What they have found is an interior film product designed by LG Hausys and available through David Clouting Ltd that offers a unique range of self-adhesive, decorative film ideas that quickly transform any furniture within no time and with very little disruption.

Not only can this product be used to revitalize furniture, it can also be used on walls and doors and skirting boards, basically anywhere that needs a revamp. Interior film is extremely versatile and can be applied to many surfaces including, wood, metals, plastics, plaster board and melamine. By applying it to walls instead of painting you can give your walls a look of wood, leather, textured metals, stone or tiles, without the cost that these looks can cost if done in the real material.

You will be surprised at how advanced this product is and how easy it is to apply. It is an ideal product for any office or interior that needs a quick modernization without having the cost or down time to do it.

With interior film from LG Hausys you can be assured the product will last the test of time, it is easy to clean, hard wearing, heat resistant and will remain the same when exposed to humidity, heat or low temperatures.

If you have an item of furniture that is curved or is a bit more complex interior film can easily be moulded to work around these shapes giving you the finish you would expect. You can easily find out more about this product through David Clouting Ltd to see how suitable it is for you.


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