How does Interior Film fit into a Covid World?

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lockers wrapped in Interior Film

lockers wrapped in Interior Film
With the World around us changing on daily basis, simple things we take for granted being suspended such as family gatherings, entertainment and the arts, bustling offices full of familiar faces and voices and the hustle and bustle of commercial spaces being muted and diluted. It is now more important than ever to find innovative ways to be flexible and adapt to the demands of this changing world.

Prior to Covid and lockdown, Interior Film had seen rapid and exponential growth across all sectors. The USPs of Interior film were moving through all commercial sectors like a river and all its tributaries, and the only result was more growth.

CoronavirusCovid has of course slowed the current of this river as it has slowed the vast majority of industries whilst we all step back and take stock before planning our path forward in whatever industry we find ourselves.

However in amongst the red tape, daily Covid updates, U-turns, rule changes and isolations; a green shoot of promise has certainly been waiting to blossom. This is the fact that now more than ever Interior Film has a large, active role to play in the new world.

All the previous selling points of Interior Film; cost savings, time savings, design lead options, durability and anti-microbial designs are all still there however they are now magnified and even more prevalent in a Covid world.

With all businesses and sectors striving to keep business as usual, Interior Film offers them the perfect solution to keep refurbishment projects alive but of course make them more manageable financially and operationally.

How Interior Film Can Help in a Covid World

interior film installThe structural make up of Interior Film makes adapting to a Covid world natural and easy. Built into to 400 plus designs there are a large number which have built in Anti-Microbial properties which kills over 95% of germs within the protective layer of the film.

Of course this additional benefit coupled with the impervious structural nature of PVC means that Interior Film is a great solution not only design wise but also from an infection control perspective. This has been backed up by the NHS specifying LG Interior Film for projects within its portfolio.

In short the answer to the question ‘How does Interior Film fit into a Covid World?’, is with ease. It already had the properties there to succeed in the climate we find ourselves in. Not only do business need to find ways to save money and time, find ways to stand out and look good but they also need to be seen to be safe and proactive in our fight against Covid-19. LG Interior Film does all of this without sacrifice.


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