How do we keep working while the world takes a breath?

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Covid 19 has really changed the landscape of business development and stifled collaboration in a number of sectors. No more so than in the world of procurement and supply chains.

Thinking on your feet and adapting to circumstance is the name of the game. Meet the buyer events have been put on hold, face to face meetings are a taboo subject and even when they occur there is of course a real sense of sterility and the elephant is in the room for all to see.

As a result, alternative methods have to be used, as human contact is the only way supply chains grow and alternative systems to the tried and tested are invested in. In this current climate it is all too easy to stick with what you know and not step out of that bubble.

However, I would argue that now more than ever provides people and companies with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of alternative systems and products; be more open to exploring ways to keep costs down, designs high, down time low and of course make sustainability a priority.

The digital world we live in has provided us with the tools to make a call and showcase products and ideas without leaving the comfort of our home. Presenting online is not quite the same but it is short and sharp and ever so to the point, that learning is easy.

Myself and my colleague have successfully been conducting presentations online, including CPD sessions, for a number of months now. It is a fine art but keeping them short and sweet, informative but fun, really has proven to be success with many. Find out more here.

In a way we are fortunate that LG Interior Film is visually stunning and transformations in our case studies look great on photographs and videos, all of which come across well in online presentations. As our pre covid working days involved meeting clients, conducting presentations and training, attending projects and events; keeping up contact with current contacts and making new ones is key to us but I also like to think it is key to those contacts also.

There is no cost to us or the client in running an online presentation and with it taking up so little time, it really can fit perfectly in your new look working days.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it, get in touch and let us show you how well it can work, have a little human interaction over a call and learn something along the way.


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