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zenolite high gloss Acrylic panels in a shower

Zenolite ® HC is the superior high gloss acrylic material for use as decorative panels for around the home or commercial environments. Zenolite HC comes in a range of designer colours and is manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and technology that delivers high quality and high performance.

Whether you use it as a kitchen splashback, shower walls, a feature wall or fascias for drawers and cupboards, Zenolite HC High Gloss Acrylic will bring it to life, and add a splash of colour, to new and renovated rooms.

  • 6 H pencil hardness outer coating
  • High chemical and stain resistance
  • High scratch and wear resistance
  • Easy to install
  • 10 year indoor UV warranty
  • Integrated colour layer
  • High heat and thermal shock resistance
  • Non-stick surface will not harbour mould, soap or calcium build up
  • Easy to clean impervious ultra hygienic surface
  • Highly resistant to typical bathroom and glass cleaners.

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Installing High Gloss Acrylic Zenolite Panels

Our High Gloss Acrylic is easy to install and will not scratch, warp, stain or discolour from normal household or commercial use. It is easy to work with and can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes. Some of the benefits are:

  • Convenient and effective panel size
  • No grouting and less joints
  • Can be fabricated on site with normal woodworking tools
  • Typical panel install takes about a third of the time as ceramic tiles
  • Joints can be sealed with neutral cure transparent or colour matched silicone

Once installed we offer easy to maintain options, the non-stick surface will not harbour mould, soap or calcium build ups. It is easy to clean and has a non porous ultra hygienic surface. Not only that but our high gloss acrylic is also highly resistant to typical bathroom and glass cleaners.

Zenolite HC is currently available from David Clouting in a range of 7 colours in dimensions 2440mm x 1000mm x 4mm. It is supplied with removable protective films and cardboard packaging.

Stock High Gloss Acrylic Colours

ArcticArcticGlacierGlacierMochaMochaTitanTitanatoll blueAtoll Blue
rougueRougeCarbon ImageCarbon

* Please be sure to order samples before placing your order. Colours can vary dramatically dependent on your lighting environment or the computer screen you are using

The best way of keeping zenolite panels looking pristine and maintaining their high gloss appearance is to regularly clean. Our ‘How to Care for acrylic wall panels’ guide gives step by step instructions.

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