Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Zenolite FAQ’s

  1. Can you cut Zenolite to size for us?
    No we only sell in sheet form, but Zenolite is very easy to cut on site, please see video. We can also recommend a fabricator if you prefer.
  2. Can Zenolite be used behind a hob?
    No, Zenolite can not be used directly behind a heat source.
  3. Can we get Zenolite in any other colours?
    Yes we can match any colour but this would require a minimum order. Please contact us for more information.

Interior Film FAQ’s

  1. If it is stuck to a surface, can it be removed and will it leave a residue?
    It is designed to remain adhered for the duration of its use, but also for refurbishment purposes, to be removed without either shredding or damaging the substrate to receive another finish.
  2. How do I join it?
    The joins are overlapped and splice cut, and providing a seamless join once the off cuts have been removed.
  3. Will it trap bubbles?
    The adhesive uses an air free technology that produces channels within the layer and allow the trapped air to escape under installation, these then close on compression of a squeegee.
  4. How susceptible is it to moisture?
    Interior film is stable from -20 to 60 degrees and 90%RH.
  5. What substrates can it be fitted to?
    The Interior film adhesive is designed to stick to many surfaces such as timber, plasterboard, metal, plastic and laminate etc and many more!
  6. Can it be used on cruise liners?
    The marine sector has very high fire and smoke expectations and requires IMO and wheel of approval certification of which Interior film has been awarded both.
  7. What if it gets damaged?
    Interior film can be repaired locally to the damaged area, with a simple replacement patch, and if the instructions are followed correctly will produce an almost invisible repair.

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