The evolution of surface material uses

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colured tiles

Whether you’re a homeowner, the manager of a business or in charge of maintaining a public property, you might be interested in surface materials. Once only used for products such as furniture, surface materials have now evolved to be a vital piece of interior design and decor while also providing various practical benefits.

The Importance of Texture

It’s true to say that texture has become a crucial part of interior design and this had led to more use for surface materials. Surface materials are a way to alter the texture or a particular product, wall, ceiling or floor in a home or commercial space and ensure that it looks fantastic. Adding texture isn’t just about how things look but how they feel. How does it feel to run your hand over a smooth table or a wall that has been finished? With texture, interior designers can alter the sense of touch and this has become a crucial element of room decor. It provides life and ensures that room designs have unique qualities that ensure they stand out on the market. Many designers now see the texture as crucial to the successful completion of a room. The texture is now used to elevate a room design and ensure that maximum level of comfort as well as style.

A Higher Level of Durability

Surface materials are also being used to maximise and elevate the durability of products, furniture and various other surfaces. It ensures that these areas of a room or commercial space do withstand the test of time and look stunning for years. This reduces maintenance costs for businesses and ensures that homeowners are not constantly replacing furniture. Surface materials are also commonly used to increase durability where there is going to be significant levels of foot traffic and daily usage, for instance, in an office space. This can ensure that surfaces remain durable, potentially for decades.

Practical Benefits

Surface materials have also evolved to provide practical benefits, particularly in commercial or public spaces where there are specific goals and concerns. For instance, interior film is used as a non-toxic material for both patients and staff. As well as being eco-friendly, this material is currently used in the healthcare industry as a way to keep environments safe. Again, it does provide practical advantages because it can also easily be both removed and repaired. It’s being used in hotels for the same reason and it is also self-extinguishing. As such, it’s possible to reduce fire hazards in a property like this by using a specific surface material.

Similar materials can also offer scratch resistant qualities. This is again perfect for areas that a lot of people frequent on a daily basis such as a business reception area.

As you can see then, surface materials are becoming a key part of designing various different types of spaces whether it’s your home, office, or hospital waiting area. With practical benefits and fantastic options for accentuating a specific part of the room, surface materials are always going to be a great choice for decor.


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