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David Clouting meets LG Hausys

David Clouting were the guests of LG Hausys for a week long visit to discuss current products and new innovations within the interior sector. The visit included factory visits of the Vinyl manufacturing plants one for Deco Foil and Interior Film, the other was flooring.

What immediately hits you is the shear scale of which this company is formed, it doesn’t have employees more a community within its walls of inspiration. They will each have their own tooth brush in the company provided sterilising units to be used after every free of charge meal, this commitment is delivered through to the manufacturing floor of pride with every shift, whether quality checking or observing the particle free clean room standard production line of the PET line.

LG Hausys visitor plagueIt would appear this hygienic philosophy is en-grained into their every day practice for every meal time in public, restaurant or street trader, you are expected to wash, wipe your hands before commencing, strategically positioned public taps are provided near every eatery for this same purpose. This sense of confidence to ensure the highest level of hygiene is just another demonstration of their commitment as employees, Companies and innovators.

As our journey came to an end, it was time to visit “Zen Square” the design centre for LG Hausys, demonstrating all products from maize plasticised flooring and walling to structural exterior glass. The building products available through LG are limitless, always striving to make the living environment not only visually more pleasing but a healthier one!

View outside window in South KoreaAlmost too much to digest! This is why we will be announcing soon the dates for a design event, held here, in London with the attendance of the best designers from LG to tell their story themselves! Coming soon!


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