How Edge Banding can be the finishing touch to your plywood table

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Plywood is one of the most popular materials out there for those who enjoy DIY projects. It’s cheap, easy to work with, and durable. However, unfinished edges can be an issue for those who want a sleek, professional finish. Edge banding could be the perfect finishing touch to your plywood table if you’re struggling to know what to do.

What is Edge Banding?

Edge banding is the process of using edge banding material to fix up the ends of the plywood that don’t look as polished or professional as the rest of the table. Not only will the project look far better, it’ll help to protect the inner layers of the plywood from water and warping.

Edge Banding Options

Edge banding can be purchased as a thin veneer, thin home sawn veneer, and solid wood strip. The most popular options are PVC and wood veneer. The easiest to use is the thin veneer banding, and this comes as a pre glued roll, making your project far easier to complete. The process is extremely simple and quick.

Why Put Edge Banding on Plywood?

It’s hard to beat plywood, whether you have a table project, a shelf, cabinet, or something else. Ugly plywood edges can often ruin the moment – but not when you use edge banding. By DIYing the edge banding onto your plywood table or another project, you can make the piece of plywood look like solid board. Although it may take a little time and some materials to complete this task, the finished look makes it all worth it!

Unfortunately, there is no other solution that gives the same seamless look and consistency as edge banding. Edge banding completes a project perfectly – why would you spend time sanding, staining, and finishing a project only to leave a plywood edge there, ruining the aesthetics? With edge banding, your project can reach its full potential.

Commercial edge banding doesn’t need anything fancy – no clamping at all, and it’s less noticeable than solid wood strips. Solid wood strips tend to be thicker, and way more obvious than edge banding. Edge banding can also be applied to curved edges of your wood projects.

The Benefits of Edge Banding Are as Follows:

  • Edge banding will last ages and look great if you apply it correctly
  • Edge banding is sold in pre-glued glu-less, and even peel stick rolls
  • It’s easy to remove and apply new edge banding if you have issues
  • Going through the process a few times should be all it takes for you to get used to it
  • Edge banding brings a project all together and makes it look complete

Many people like to match the appearance of the rest of their project with edge banding. However, edge banding comes in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, so there really is no limit to what you can do with it. You can add contrasting edge banding if you like.

Overall, edge banding could be the perfect finishing touch to your plywood table!


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