How Edge Banding can change the look of your property

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Edge Banding

As property owners, most people will want to improve their home and make it look as finished and presentable as possible. We all love living in a home that appears well maintained and take pride in its appearance. We want to be proud of where we live and be confident that guests will be envious of what we have achieved. We also want our properties to be as valuable as possible to potential buyers. Simple processes like the application of Edge Banding can greatly improve the look of your property and give it that so desired quality finish.

What is Edge banding?

Edge banding is the name given to the process and physical item of small strips of material that are used to cover the edges of furniture and provide a finish to carpentry items. The actual edge banding strip is made in a variety of materials including PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Wood Veneer and Melamine and can be used to cover a range of finishes. The banding is supplied in rolls and is easy enough to fix to the required surface.  All that is required in most cases is an Iron or source of heat and a trimming tool; fitting the edge banding in place, you apply the heat source which activates the adhesive and put pressure on-top to secure it into place. With the great variety of styles, colours and textures of Edge Banding available, it is an inexpensive and easy way to improve the look and durability of carpentry items and furniture in your home.

How can Edge Banding improve the aesthetics of your property?

There are two main ways in which Edge Banding will improve your property – Aesthetics and Durability. See information on each below:

Durability: Edge Banding provides a cover for those annoying and sometimes lethal exposed edges. How many times have you walked by a table or cabinet and scraped your leg or side on one of these? It’s painful! The rough edges of materials like MDF can have loose shavings and chippings that you could get splinters from, furthermore the top and bottom of the edge might be uneven or rough and can be a potential hazard, especially for small children who like to touch and feel their way around furniture. Edge banding can minimise these hazards and due to the smooth finish and edges, stop potential injuries occurring.

Aesthetics: The other main benefit to using Edge Banding is the aesthetically pleasing finish that it provides to your furniture and carpentry. Sometimes it is appropriate to have exposed edges, but in most cases, in the household people are looking for clean edges and smooth finishes that look professional. Having a clean finish on your worktops for example would give your kitchen a much more streamlined and coherent look as opposed to exposed edges that might not match with your cupboards. A simple application of edge banding can transform the look of your home and turn it from appearing unfinished and messy, to a smooth, flowing living space with properly finished furniture, worktops and cabinets etc.


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