Decotile New Generation

Decolite Deco Wood flooring imageDeco Tile New Generation luxury vinyl tile uniquely combines interesting modern textures with functionality and economy.

A durable polyurethane surface means more than just easy maintenance, it allows DECO NG to withstand the rigors of heavy commercial foot traffic.

LG’s precise engineering and dedication to quality makes DECO NG luxury vinyl tile one of the easiest floors to install and maintain.

Stock Colours

Ying White Decotile flooring sampleYing White yung grey flooring sampleYung Grey Bada Bing Lime Colour sampleBada Bing Lime Bada bing berry colour sampleBada Bing Berry Yang Black flooring colour sampleYang Black

As with all of our products, at David Clouting we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best and latest technological advances in all of the products we offer. But, we don’t do so at the detriment of the way our products look. We know that the colour choices and design of our products are equally important and so we source and supply only those that fit into both categories.

This new generation of vinyl tile are perfect for commercial premises as they are made to withstand a heavy footfall without compromising on how great they look! Perfect if you want to create a fantastic space that allows you to maintain the look and feel whilst ensuring longevity. Suitable for office, retail, cafe’s and restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons and everything in between.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Decotile new generation luxury vinyl tiles then please do get it touch. Or it might be that you are browsing and want some individual advice about the right floor covering for your project, either way we are more than happy to help.

David Clouting are well known across the UK for bringing innovative floor and wall coverings to the UK market.