Decotile Flooring


Decotile flooring uniquely combine a beautiful life like visual alongside interesting modern textures, encompassing functionality and economy.

Decotile Stone and Wood patterns create distinctive designs that look just like natural wood and stone. They provide durability, solid performance and are extremely cost effective luxury vinyl flooring.

Amazingly realistic structures created through seven different design textures which give you the feeling of walking on real wood or stone but keeping that warm feeling you would expect from vinyl flooring. This product offer fascinating visual looks that are combined with functional and creative benefits.

Decotile wood and stone has a 0.7mm wear layer and Decotile NG has a 0.5mm wear layer, suitable for application areas such as:

  • Department stores
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement/Warden assisted/Care homes

David Clouting offers Decotile Flooring in 3 desirable finishes:

Decotile Flooring – New Generation

Our New Generation is a luxury vinyl tile that uniquely combines texture with performance and economy.  This durable polyurethane surface offers easy installation, easy maintenance and outstanding durability.

Decotile Deco Wood

Decotile Deco Wood is an innovative life-like replica of domestic and exotic wood.  This desirable vinyl tile solution is a perfect alternative to traditional hard wooden floors.  Decotile Deco wood unlike natural wood will not scratch and warp, it offers outstanding durability, easy installation and maintenance.

Decotile Deco Stone

Decotile Deco Stone is a vinyl tile which offers the realistic look of natural stone.  Deco Stone offers structure and sophistication to a room without the cold finish of natural stone.  This highly durable polyurethane surface is made from strong raw materials which are durable and designed with innovation.

Structure of Decotile Flooring


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