Decotile Deco Wood

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Decolite Deco Wood imageDECO WOOD combines beautiful life-like wood plank visuals and a light-to-dark balanced colour palette, with the durability and cost effectiveness of Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Cutting-edge, high-res digital imaging technology allows for precise, life-like replicas of domestic and exotic wood species. Each image is printed to scale making it impossible to tell the difference between the real thing.

DECO WOOD LVT offers distinctive wood plank designs with the realistic look of natural materials at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

DECO WOOD’s durable, easy-to-maintain polyurethane surface is designed to withstand the demands of commercial foot traffic. This makes it ideal for a variety of public settings including retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

Stock Colours

china oak decotile wood sampleChina Oak Italian walnut flooring sampleItalian Walnut black cherry decotile sampleBlack Cherry american oak flooring sampleAmerican Oak natural pine flooring sampleNatural Pine
priory paulowina flooring samplePriory Paulowina coconut paulowina flooring sampleCoconut Paulowina sensation pine flooring sampleSensation Pine