Decorating a Home with Interior Film

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Changing the look and feel of an interior often requires a lot of hard work and effort. Each room needs to be stripped and scrubbed, and each piece of furniture needs to be refreshed and at the very least repainted. Many interior designers like the idea of being able to recycle old pieces of furniture, or fittings which improve the room but are now looking old and worn, but are reluctant to take on too much at once.

This is where interior film can help interior decorators and homeowners to give rooms and interiors new life without having to spend excessive amounts of time on a single piece.

Interior film helps to revamp old homes and buildings, and also has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Safety. Most interior films are self-extinguishing and stable when exposed to heat. With a fire-resistant high-gloss surface, the interior film can be used in any part of the home without risk.
  • Easy to apply. Interior film is quick to install, and there are no air bubbles with the material. It is also very flexible, so it can be wrapped around any shape, and it can also be removed or replaced when needed.
  • Multi-use. Interior film can be used on a variety of surfaces, including woods, steel, PVC, laminate and paint, as well as limestone and plasterboard. It is also possible to create leather-effects using the film on all of these surfaces.
  • Variety of patterns. In addition to leather, there are also stone colours, high gloss and solid colours, woods and bamboo as well as metal style, so decorators can create the style and effect they choose.
  • Strength. Once the interior film is on, it is very durable, with resistance to abrasion, impact and scratching. This makes it ideal for family homes, or homes with multiple occupancy.

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