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deco foil used on a kitchen

PVC foil, also known as Deco Foil, is a new generation of decorative coating that not only looks good, but is also stain, scratch and UV resistant. It comes in a wide range of finishes and is a very versatile product.

The range of PVC foils includes solid colours and wood-grain designs and the various finishes include Art Gloss, premium grade high gloss and Innoface. Here is a quick run down on the different finishes available.

Solid colour PVC foil

Solid colours come in a wide range of colours, both neutral and more colourful. They are also embossable to create different textures and come in a variety of gloss levels, so you can create a huge array of different looks with each colour.

Wood-grain PVC foil

Wood-grain deco foil designs are incredibly realistic wood reproductions that are difficult to tell apart from real wood veneer. They come in different grades, which include standard wood-grains, premium wood-grains and Mirain 3D visual prints. The standard are ideal for budget ranges where modern aesthetics are integrated with durable lacquer and embossing combinations. The premium range incorporates pearlescent printing for an authentic and natural appearance and is great used with different soft touch lacquers.

Mirain 3D visual prints

The Mirain 3D printing technique utilises PVC gravure printing for an even higher degree of realism, creating the most lifelike representation of wood veneer. Matching MFC panels are also available to make it easy to coordinate products.

Premium grade high gloss

This is a very popular high gloss PVC foil which meets the ever increasing demand for quality high gloss finishes in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. It has a very impressive thermal stability in high temperatures, retaining its high gloss finish after forming.

Art Gloss PVC foil

These are the latest PVC foil trends, featuring a premium high gloss finish printed with artistic and original designs such as White Geometric Wave or Modern Curve. Art Gloss is ideal for adding an accent to solid colour high gloss doors or can be used on its own for a more dramatic look.


Innoface is a modern and very sophisticated PVC foil vinyl product which gives a superior realistic finish which is also exceptionally durable and of excellent quality. It is very easy to install and extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion and impact. It also remains stable in heat and humidity and is simple to maintain and clean.

Innoface finishes include Matt Lacquered Vinyl, Soft Touch, Real Wood, Real Wood Printing, Supper Matt Paint Effect and Super Matt Gloss.

Versatility of PVC foil

The wide range of finishes, durability and ease of application of PVC foil make it a very versatile product. It can be used to upcycle tired furniture with new and fashionable finishes, or used for wardrobes, doors and panels in both domestic and commercial environments. An ordinary or dated surface can be transformed into something that not only looks on trend and stunning but is also very easy to clean and maintains its good looks over time.

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