Creating that All-Important Wow Factor with Decorative Wall Panels

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Textured Decorative Wall Panels

Whether you’re decorating your own home or kitting out a commercial showroom or office, first impressions are key. You want visitors to walk into a room and simply be knocked back on their heels by the beauty they’re confronted with.

You would be forgiven for thinking that producing such a wow factor is a difficult and an expensive task, but actually it can be really easy if you choose to use decorative wall panelling. If you don’t believe us, simply read on and find out the different ways that decorative wall panels can make a real design impact, as well as a few other benefits they have over alternative wall coverings.

Decorative Wall Panels can introduce a Flash of Colour

Whatever the overall tone or theme of a room, introducing a striking decorative wall panel can really set it off perfectly and produce that crucial wow factor. A panel, after all, can be placed wherever you wish and aligned however you like to best suit the room in question, and can show off a variety of different patterns, colours and finishes.

You might choose, for instance, to fit a comparatively small decorative panel in the centre of a plainly painted wall. In that instance, a panel with a brightly coloured or highly patterned finish can really liven up the room and create a visual focus without overpowering the broader theme of the space.

Natural textured Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels don’t have to be brightly coloured or in your face to make an impact and produce that vital wow factor. They can, for instance, simulate natural textures and finishes such as stone or wood.

A decorative panel simulating a stone texture, for instance, can perfectly complement and accentuate a room decorated in warm, terracotta style colours. A faux wood finish panel, meanwhile, is ideal for any room where elegance and sophistication are the watchwords.

Traditional Charm

On the subject of wooden or wood effect panelling, decorative wall panels can also be used to produce a really classy and traditional look in any room.

Panels covering the lower portion of all of a room’s walls, for example, can be finished so as to appear like deeply coloured and attractively grained wooden panelling. That will succeed in giving the room in question a truly classical elegance, and is perfect for an office or a study.

Ease of Installing your Decorative Wall Panels

As well as being able to give any room a real wow factor in all of the above ways and more, decorative wall panels also boast an array of other benefits, beginning with just how easy they are to install. Panels, after all, are generally lightweight and easy to handle and that means that even the most striking and impressive installation can be achieve in a matter of hours.

Decorative wall panels, too, are excellent for hiding or disguising areas of damage or unevenness on any wall without the need to re-decorate a whole room.Finally, what’s more, the intelligent installation of decorative wall panels in and around an entertainment centre or other electronic devices can hide those unsightly electrical wires.


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