Creating a Textured Look with Wall Coverings

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textured wall covering

Adding texture to the walls can create a luxurious and sumptuous quality to your room, whether it is the natural texture of wood, leather or stone, or a more decorative texture such as that of fabric. The cost of lining your walls in these materials can be prohibitive though, not to mention often somewhat impractical. There is a better alternative, giving you a huge range of textures and prints without the accompanying expense or difficulty of application.

LG Hausys Interior Film is an easily applied range of decorative interior films designed for flat lamination or profile wrapping on almost any wall surface, even irregular ones. It comes in an extensive variety of different types of prints and textures, including stones, woods, leathers, metals, metallic, decorative designs and fabric as well as plain solid colours.

Stone wall coverings

Stone walls can look stunning, but unless your walls are already made of an attractive traditional stone material, the weight and cost of real stone means that it isn’t really viable to dress your existing walls with stone coverings. However decorative film allows you to create a textured stone appearance that is very difficult to tell apart from the real thing. You can get realistic brick finishes complete with realistic gaps between each brick and in a variety of painted or plain looks.

There are also a variety of other stone finishes available, including marble or granite textures as well as solid concrete in a range of different colours. Whether you’re going for an extravagant marbled look or whether industrial chic is more your style, there is an interior film that will get your walls looking just the way you want them.

Wood wall coverings

If you prefer the warmth of wood finishes, then interior film offers a wonderful alternative to the real thing. Some of the advantages to choosing interior film over real wood (apart from obvious cost benefit) are that it is a more sustainable choice, it is self-extinguishing when tested for flammability and so is much safer than a wood lined room, and it is also much more durable, with a high resistance to impact, abrasion and scratching. You’d be gutted if you’d spent a fortune on real wood panelling only to have someone accidentally scratch or gouge it, but that wouldn’t be an issue with interior film.

Interior film wall coverings are available to replicate pretty much any type of wood you can imagine. As well as coming in a wide variety of wood effects (including oak, teak, ash, pine, maple, walnut, cherry, bamboo and birch to name just a few) each type of wood effect is also available in a range of different colours or stains, including vintage looks. The appearance of smooth laid or rough hewn planks is also available, as well as wood pattern effects.

Decorative fabric wall coverings

If you’re looking for something more decorative, then perhaps a fabric wall covering would be more to your liking. Fabric covered walls look cosy and can be subtle or striking, but real fabric is not a particularly practical material for walls, being difficult to apply and staining or wrinkling easily. You can get exactly the same look and none of the hassle by choosing fabric effect interior film though, and you’ll have a wide variety of different fabric effects to choose from. Interior film comes in check, woollen and string weave fabrics in all manner of colours and patterns, so you can create exactly the look you’re after.

If you’d like to find out more about the many options that LG Hausys Interior Film gives you for textured wall coverings, you can find out more on our website, or take a look at our Interior Film Gallery.


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