Creating a summery feel in your kitchen

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summery kitchen

The kitchen is often the room in the house that we spend the most time in, so it makes sense to make it as enjoyable a space to be in as possible. Particularly during the summertime it makes sense to make it as welcoming as possible for yourself and for any guests that drop by, so here are our tips for creating a summer feel in the kitchen.

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside

Adding plants and flowers to your kitchen will go a long way to making the room feel more summery. We all associate summer with enjoying the outdoors, so anything you can do to bring a bit of the outside into your kitchen will make a difference.

Nothing is quite as symbolic of summer as a bunch of bright flowers. Choose colourful blooms to display in vases or jugs in your kitchen and you’ll immediately feel like summer has been brought indoors. Other plants will also have a similar effect, and growing your own herbs in pots on your windowsill is an option that is as practical as it is decorative. Both flowers and herbs will also bring the scents of summer into your kitchen, appealing to your sense of smell as well as sight.

Make the most of light and air

Along similar lines, by making your kitchen area as light and spacious as possible, you’ll create the impression of airiness and freshness that we all associate with the warmer months. Open windows, blind and curtains to let the light and air in, and clear away excess clutter to allow the air to move freely around the room.

Choose a summer colour palette

Are you planning a complete overhaul of your kitchen, some light redecoration or just want to add a few new accessories? By choosing a colour palette that is associated with summer you’ll immediately update your kitchen and bring a feeling of summer into the room.

Summer colours are bright and fresh. Look to flowers for inspiration as quite often the colours that nature has chosen during this season will be the ones we most associate with summer. Another good source of inspiration for summer colour palettes is Pantone, who will release their Spring/Summer colour trends each year. For Spring/Summer 2018 the colours include Cherry Tomato (bright orangey red), Meadowlark (a bold and lively yellow), Blooming Dahlia (an understated pink), Pink Lavender (a violet rose), Rapture Rose (a bright pinkish toned red) and Lime Punch (a striking citrus shade), amongst others.

Trending colours like these are best used in accessories, with more classic colours used for longer lasting fixtures like splashbacks, tiling, worktops or cabinets. Use cushions, vases, dishtowels, etc to add splashes of trendy summer colours against this backdrop and keep the look up to date.

If your kitchen needs more than a few accessories to update it, take a look at our Zenolite page to see how you can easily add colour and durability to wall surfaces to create high gloss kitchen splashbacks.


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