Clever Use of Kitchen Splash-backs

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Not only can clever use of kitchen splash-backs really pep up the style of your kitchen, they can also help to improve the quality of your life – it’s true. Kitchen splash-backs are like an extension of the work surface which goes up the walls protecting them from splashes (hence the name) and spills. Kitchen splash-backs make cleaning a ridiculously quick and easy process. Cleaning a smooth splash-back surface is even easier than cleaning tiles and grouting.

So how else can a splash-back benefit your kitchen? Splash-backs are stylish and yet practical. They are most commonly used behind the sink (just beneath the window if you are lucky enough to have a sink with a view) and behind the hob (where the majority of cooking splashes occur) but are increasingly being fitted all around the worktops to create an eye-catching, stylish feature.

Glass is the ideal material for kitchen splash-backs. Think about it for a second . . . okay, that’s long enough. Glass is incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain, a quick wipe or polish and it looks sparkling and good as new, just one clean, unbroken surface. Glass kitchen splash-backs are available in a wide range of colours to fit in with the most modern or traditional of kitchen designs.

Clever use of kitchen splash-backs can enhance the aesthetics, style and functionality of your kitchen. It can also help to create a feeling of space in the smallest of rooms. A highly polished glass kitchen splash-back beneath a row of wall cupboards with a few well placed (and hidden) spotlights can create a fabulous feature and brighten up the darkest of corners.

When it comes to kitchen design, whether modern or traditional, there’s certain to be some sort of kitchen splash-back which can really make your kitchen shine.


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