Office Refurbishment with Interior Film

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On average your employees will spend significant hours of their days in the office. These hours are even more likely to increase with many businesses opening up and slowly shifting to normal operations in a post-pandemic world.

If your office area hasn’t been at its best since your employees started working from home, then this is the time to give it a new look and feel. A simple office refurbishment with interior film is to give your office a fresh look. Read More “Office Refurbishment with Interior Film”

Latest Trends In Window Coverings

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Here’s the fun part about decorating or redecorating your home. There is literally no limit to what you can and cannot do; save for your imagination and budget.

And the best part of all, you don’t need a palace or a Lord’s mansion to give your home real class appeal. From the minor bijoux type of home to the stately mansions of Malibu, the right kind of window coverings and features can add instant appeal to your overall decorating palette and provide your home with a much-needed personality besides. Read More “Latest Trends In Window Coverings”

How is Technology Impacting Interior Design?

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In a world of interconnectivity, technology naturally belongs in our interior design. However, the marriage of technology and interior decor is not a novelty. In fact, many designers conceive that technological advancement during the Second Industrial Revolution is behind the birth of interior design products. Every major decorating trend throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries and now the start of the 21st century marks a unique relationship to technology, either in terms of technocentrism, tech infusion, or tech reaction. Read More “How is Technology Impacting Interior Design?”

Things to Consider when Designing a new Kitchen

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Kitchens serve a crucial role in everyday life, used in carrying out a multitude of tasks. Current design trends, the space at hand, and practical choices in storage, lighting, flooring, and surfacing, must be considered altogether in creating a kitchen that is efficient, durable, and attractive.

Firstly, before undertaking a renovation project, it is important to consider how the available space can be best utilised. The layout of a kitchen must be such that components and appliances are not all squashed together in one corner, but spread out in a way that enables a suitable flow of traffic. Read More “Things to Consider when Designing a new Kitchen”

Why use Interior Film for your Refurbishment Project?

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Our Interior Film products are manufactured and provide a cost-effective solution for any refurbishment solution. Interior Designers and Architects can provide an easy way to transform existing spaces and furniture. Suitable for residential, retail and commercial properties alike, interior film can result in a dramatic makeover without the need to replace existing fittings, furniture or purchase expense new wall coverings. Read More “Why use Interior Film for your Refurbishment Project?”

How an Office’s Interior can Improve Productivity

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In recent years it has become more important to focus on how an office looks to create a practical yet creative space for their staff members and clients who come to visit. Improving their office can transform their business in multiple ways but it can be an overwhelming process. You will need to take into account the practicalities of the space around them whilst making it exciting, seeking a professional can help by taking the weight off their shoulders to turn their office into a motivational area. Read More “How an Office’s Interior can Improve Productivity”

Architectural Interior Film and Its Uses

architectural interior film in London office

Architectural interior film is a decorative film used to cover a range of surfaces, both flat and curved. Walls, ceilings, doors and furniture are just a few of the surfaces for which it can be utilised.

Architectural interior film comes in a range of designs, including block colour, wood, marble, stone, gloss and even fabric or leather looks. It is a lightweight solution in interior design, providing a flexible, more sustainable option in design. Read More “Architectural Interior Film and Its Uses”

PVC Foil is Perfect for Interior Projects and Here’s Why

PVC foil colour choice

As an architect or interior designer looking to create the perfect space, you’re going to need to make sure you have the best materials for the job in hand. It’s no good focusing solely on how something looks and ignoring aspects such as ease of installation, lifespan and of course cost.

That’s where something like PVC foil can come into it’s own. PVC foil is a popular material due to its look and versatility. It can be used handsomely on the likes of furniture and doors and can be easily applied. If you’re in the middle of planning an interior project and feel like you need a little help with regard to some of the materials involved, PVC foil might just be the best material out there. It’s durable, easy to work with, easy to clean and maintain, and a wide variety of other positive factors. Read More “PVC Foil is Perfect for Interior Projects and Here’s Why”

How do we keep working while the world takes a breath?


Covid 19 has really changed the landscape of business development and stifled collaboration in a number of sectors. No more so than in the world of procurement and supply chains.

Thinking on your feet and adapting to circumstance is the name of the game. Meet the buyer events have been put on hold, face to face meetings are a taboo subject and even when they occur there is of course a real sense of sterility and the elephant is in the room for all to see. Read More “How do we keep working while the world takes a breath?”

Looking for an alternative to tiles as a kitchen splash back?

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All homeowners and interior decorating wannabes know how important a kitchen splash back can be. They’re popular for protecting the walls of your kitchen, but they also make for a very stylish way to decorate your kitchen. They serve many purposes in your kitchen and are so much more than decoration, so it’s important to know that you can also use your splash back for the following benefits: Read More “Looking for an alternative to tiles as a kitchen splash back?”