Creating a summery feel in your kitchen

summery kitchen

The kitchen is often the room in the house that we spend the most time in, so it makes sense to make it as enjoyable a space to be in as possible. Particularly during the summertime it makes sense to make it as welcoming as possible for yourself and for any guests that drop by, so here are our tips for creating a summer feel in the kitchen. Read More “Creating a summery feel in your kitchen”

Why Architects are Choosing Interior Film over more Traditional Coverings

Bathroom wrapped with interior film

Interior film is starting to become a popular choice with architects. Its many features and benefits are making it the preferred alternative to more traditional materials in both new build and refurbishment projects.

So what are the features that are making interior film the go to product for architects? Read More “Why Architects are Choosing Interior Film over more Traditional Coverings”

Creating a Textured Look with Wall Coverings

textured wall covering

Adding texture to the walls can create a luxurious and sumptuous quality to your room, whether it is the natural texture of wood, leather or stone, or a more decorative texture such as that of fabric. The cost of lining your walls in these materials can be prohibitive though, not to mention often somewhat impractical. There is a better alternative, giving you a huge range of textures and prints without the accompanying expense or difficulty of application. Read More “Creating a Textured Look with Wall Coverings”

Colour and Design Trends for 2018

colour trends 2018

As the new year approaches, there’s plenty of online buzz regarding the design and colour trends that are likely to be showing up in our homes in 2018. Whether you’re planning a complete interior decorating overhaul or just want to update a room or two with some new accessories, here’s an overview of some of the trends that are being forecast to help you find the ones that best suit you. Read More “Colour and Design Trends for 2018”

How covering our walls has evolved from paint to acrylic

wall being covered

Nowadays we find a huge range of different wall coverings made out of various materials, each of which is popular for its own reasons. The public didn’t always have as much choice though, as a brief look at the history of wall coverings shows.

Paint is the oldest type of wall covering we know of, and there is evidence of humans decorating their living space with ‘paint’ as much as 40,000 years ago. Read More “How covering our walls has evolved from paint to acrylic”

Creating that All-Important Wow Factor with Decorative Wall Panels

Textured Decorative Wall Panels

Whether you’re decorating your own home or kitting out a commercial showroom or office, first impressions are key. You want visitors to walk into a room and simply be knocked back on their heels by the beauty they’re confronted with.

You would be forgiven for thinking that producing such a wow factor is a difficult and an expensive task, but actually it can be really easy if you choose to use decorative wall panelling. Read More “Creating that All-Important Wow Factor with Decorative Wall Panels”

Modern Flooring Solutions – The Best of Both Worlds

Decotile Flooring

Traditional flooring surfaces such as wood and stone will always be in style and look great in any setting but each comes with its own downsides, for instance in terms of maintenance and durability, which can make them impractical for certain applications. These days however you really can have the best of both worlds – modern flooring solutions that are suitable for heavy use and easy to maintain while still having the appearance and charm of traditional materials. Read More “Modern Flooring Solutions – The Best of Both Worlds”