3 of 2014’s Best Interior Design Trends

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If you want to keep your home looking good, you may want to change the interior design so that it fits in with recent trends, and has a clean, fresh look when you bring people round to see it.

Redecorating a home can be too much work for one year, but small changes throughout the rooms, from bathroom to living room to kitchen, can make big differences in how the house looks as a whole. By understanding some of the key trends in interior design for 2014, you can find out just how to change your home for the best.

1) Vintage styles

This is a reoccurring trend in interior design, and there are a wide range of attractive vintage pieces for customers to choose from. If you want to use vintage design to make your home stand out, then one of the best options is to choose vintage furniture which is already unusual. These one-off pieces will give your home a style and elegance that is timeless.

2) Elegant kitchens

Previous interior design trends for kitchens focused on function and simplicity, but in 2014 this changed into glamour, style and opulence. The kitchen should be highly decorated, with a preponderance of metals and reflective surfaces. Marbles, and ornate kitchen accessories flatter this interior design look. Anything gold or silver, particularly with patterns, is to be preferred.

3) Patterned fabric

This year, soft furnishing design has been all about combining patterns and textures in fabric to create something interesting and appealing. The trend started out in clothing fashion, and has moved into interior design, with leather decoration, corduroy cushions and blankets, or satin and faux-fur blends. The textures shouldn’t be formal or structured, and the designs should flow freely from one fabric to another.


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