‘Benif Interior Film’ is fit for purpose for Bannatyne Health clubs.

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Inside of Changing Room

Recently, the team at David Clouting underwent a renovation project at Bannatyne Health Clubs. As the largest chain of independent health clubs in the UK, they were looking for a cost-effective and sustainable way of refurbishing their lockers, countertops, bars, washroom walls, and doors.

So, we came up with the ideal solution; Benif Interior Film. This film acts almost like a laminate wrap that can adhere to a variety of other surfaces. As a result, Bannatyne Health Clubs didn’t need to get rid of any existing materials – the Benif interior film covered what was already there, providing a new and revitalised appearance.

Aside from being an affordable refurbishment option, interior film is also incredibly environmentally friendly. How? Well, let us explain…

Less waste for landfills

Bannatyne Health Clubs is owned by Duncan Bannatyne – who many may recognise from the hit TV show Dragons Den. As a keen entrepreneur, he understands the importance of minimising the environmental impact that businesses have on the planet. This was one of the main reasons we presented the idea of interior film for refurbishment.
You see, when we use this, we don’t need to scrap any existing structures or scrape tiles from the walls. The beauty of this application is that it can go on basically any surfaces with hardly any preparation required. As a result, this leads to far less waste in landfill sites. There’s no need to get rid of anything, and this minimises the non-recyclable waste generated by the health clubs.

Of course, the less waste there is in a landfill, the better it is for the environment. Landfills create masses of carbon emissions, so businesses must do everything to avoid filling them up! There are lots of Bannatyne Health Clubs up and down the country, and we continue to roll out this new film throughout them all. So, you can imagine how much waste this has saved in landfills all over the UK!

Made out of eco-friendly materials

The lack of waste generated by the Benif interior film is certainly the key environmental benefit. However, we should also note that this film is made from materials that are eco-friendly. They’re free from heavy metals and are 100% phthalate-free plasticisers.
As such, companies can feel safe in the knowledge that they’re not using hazardous or non-eco-friendly materials on their premises.

The bottom line is that Benif interior film is a far more environmentally friendly option than many other refurbishment methods. We can apply it to so many surfaces as well, which was why it proved the perfect solution for Bannatyne Health Clubs. Many other businesses and industries can take advantage of it as well – we’ve kitted out restaurants in it, washrooms, and more. It’s the ideal way to provide a new lease of life to interiors, without creating excessive amounts of waste for landfills. The interior film can easily be removed as well, making it perfect in re-branding situations where new colours may be required, and so on.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way of refurbishing your premises, then get in touch with us to learn more about Benif interior film. As well as being more sustainable and minimising waste, it also happens to be a visually beautiful and cost-effective solution too.


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