This is a health club Group of over 70 clubs where they have chosen to continue with LG architectural Interior Film to refurbish and refresh their exisiting surfaces such as Locker doors, Counters, Bars, ceramic tiled walls, washrooms and flush doors. This rollout of projects is for approx 48 clubs around the country, demonstrating Bannatynes commitment to their members for quality surroundings, but also their vision for social responsibilty to reuse the existing fittings where possible, and extending its working life and delaying from landfill.

The Programme has allowed the clubs to encapsulate the exisitng wall tiles and reused them as solid substrates, reducing dust and noise pollution by covering them in LG Interior Film. The same is for the flush doors, when you consider a skip can take 12-15 max doors at a time, of which is costly and end of usable life.

The costs have shown some 50% savings in areas and proved advantageous on timescales.