Architectural Interior Film and Its Uses

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architectural interior film in London office

Architectural interior film is a decorative film used to cover a range of surfaces, both flat and curved. Walls, ceilings, doors and furniture are just a few of the surfaces for which it can be utilised.

Architectural interior film comes in a range of designs, including block colour, wood, marble, stone, gloss and even fabric or leather looks. It is a lightweight solution in interior design, providing a flexible, more sustainable option in design.

What are the Benefits of Architectural Interior Film?

First and foremost, the lightweight design of architectural film means it has a lifelike appearance, creating a stylish option for when traditional design solutions may not be appropriate due to cost or weight. With reduced repetition of patterns, with 1.5 times bigger unit pattern compared to existing products, architectural interior film maximises the feeling of naturalness. The huge range of colours, styles and finishes means there is a whole host of options whichever aesthetic is required.

As interior film is not just surface printed, the durability of it makes it highly resistant to impact and scratching. This makes it ideal for refurbishments of commercial and retail spaces. With decorative film, from abstract designs to wood grain, leather and marble, or plain colours, with a gloss or metal effect, there is sure to be a design to suit all requirements. It is also self-extinguishing when tested for flammability, making it ideal for both public spaces and private dwellings.

One of the main benefits of architectural interior film, however, is that it can be applied to virtually any surface. Its versatility makes it the perfect option for decorating any substrate, including wood, mortar, limestone, melamine laminates, polyester coated laminates, painted substrate, aluminium, stainless steel, painted steel and gypsum board, to name but a few. It also has the flexibility to wrap around complex shapes and curved areas

Ease of installation is another reason that interior film is reshaping and influencing commercial and domestic interior design. It has an air-free application, meaning that a quick installation can be carried out, with no air bubbles. Not only is it economical, both in terms of cost and labour, it can also be easily repaired or removed.

Industries are under increasing demand to be more socially responsible and interior design is no different. While aesthetics are important, sustainability is a huge consideration when investing in new materials. Architectural interior film is heavy metal-free and 100% phthalate free plasticisers. Furthermore, due to interior film being a lightweight solution, costs of fuel are significantly reduced along with carbon emissions.

Ultimately, due to its complete ease of use, its durability and the range of designs and colours available in architectural interior film, it is quickly becoming the go-to solution for refurbishing and revamping spaces, both commercially and domestically. It provides the ease of renovating and decorating interiors, with the quality of a vast range of prints, textures and design.


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